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Earn up to €1,500

if you refer a friend

Refer a Friend T&C

  1. The referred actuary must not have previously contacted About Recruitment in relation to a role in the previous twelve months 

  2. The referrer must obtain the consent of the referred actuary before forwarding their details. This is to stay on the right side of GDPR and related legislation. The referrer will indemnify About Recruitment for any loss or claim arising out of the referrer’s failure to gain the consent of the referred actuary

  3. If About Recruitment secure a new permanent full time role for the referred actuary, the referred actuary must remain in this new role for at least three months. Once three months has expired, you (the referrer) may claim your €1,500 / €750 per qualified actuary/student actuary placed respectively. (This will be paid by EFT into your bank account)

  4. Eligibility for our "Refer A Friend Scheme" is at About Recruitment’s discretion and our decision is final

  5. We do reserve the right to change and/or terminate this scheme at any time
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