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Non-Life Reserving Analyst

Our large Global Client with offices in Dublin is looking to recruit an Actuarial Analyst to support the Underwriting Unit Reserves Actuary in the Actuarial Financial Reporting team in Dublin.   


  • The candidate will support the Underwriting Unit Reserves Actuary to actively participate in the setting of the budget loss ratio for various segments of the businesses and for the underlying portfolios including evaluation of their underwriting strategies.  They will support the Underwriting Unit Reserves Actuary to enable them to opine on the profitability of the business through both the reserves review process and the Solvency II Technical Provisions process, and report to the business and the management of the company on these results and their implications for profitability at the business group and segment level.  

  • The candidate will also support the business at the level of the different legal entities that the underwriters use with a clear understanding of the different nature of these portfolios.  They will support the Underwriting Unit Reserves Actuary in their responsibilities to the individual Legal Entity’s Actuaries to rationalize, document and present their results at these different levels.  

  • The role will include support for reporting of results to finance and the second opinion including review of external consultants.   

  • The Actuarial Financial Reporting team in Dublin is supported by a team based in London and India and the candidate will work closely with the relevant members of that team.  The candidate will have involvements with the India actuarial team, the worldwide underwriting teams responsible for these businesses including their pricing actuaries, the claims team, the ceded re team and of course the finance team.  


Abilities and skills:

  • Planning & Organisation.

  • Strong Communication. 

  • Business Partnering.  

  • Strategic Thinking and Tactical Implementation: Ability to invent, design and build solutions to support the Underwriting Unit Reserves Actuary. 

  • Around 5 years of relevant experience in the non-life Industry, with a preference for detailed technical knowledge of reserving and related areas.

  • Knowledge of ResQ software and excel add-in would be an advantage.

  • Knowledge of Solvency II regulations and developments will also be expected.

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