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Actuarial Function Role

Actuarial Function Role (part qualified)


Our client is looking for a part qualified actuary with good actuarial function experience (from either a life or non-life background)


Our client is a large international non-life company based in Dublin with exposures on nearly every continent, and a very varied portfolio of business classes

Our client will consider you if:

  • you have some of the Actuarial Function experience as outlined below, and

  • you are a people person!  


This role is so fresh - I do not in fact have a job spec as yet, but I believe the role includes the following responsibilities:

  • Provide support in fulfilling the requirements of the Head of Actuarial Function as set out under CBI guidance and Solvency II regulations by providing oversight and insight on key actuarial matters including regulatory compliance, Reserving and Technical Provisions, Business Forecasting, Underwriting Opinion and Reinsurance Adequacy.

  • Support the analysis, recommendations (including implementation thereof) and production of:

    • The Actuarial Opinion & Report on Technical Provisions.

    • The annual Actuarial Function Report.

    • The Underwriting Opinion.

    • The Reinsurance Opinion.

  • You may also become involved in special projects intended to contribute to the development of the Actuarial Financial Reporting team as a whole which could involve development of processes or exhibits or focused investigations regarding new methodologies or assumptions potentially impacting the reserving analysis of all lines.


Our Client is a Global player with a very large and internationally diverse portfolio. There are also excellent promotional opportunities in our client both within Dublin, and internationally. 

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